Season’s Greetings from Witkrans Farm

The Weitzman and the Privett kids enjoying a game of rally cars together.

The Weitzman and the Privett kids enjoying a game of rally cars together.

We were blessed to have our first FULL season at Witkrans.  We had a two day break over Christmas otherwise the cottages have booked with back to back bookings in both cottages.  We have met all kinds of wonderful people and Matthew and Emma have had the best holiday ever.  They have had a permanent flow of children to play with.  It has been wonderful to watch all the children playing together from 3 to 18 years old swimming in the dam together, having boat races, playing on-on, potato races, creating hide outs, playing on the jungle gym, jumping on the trampoline etc.  They have gone on late into the evenings ensuring a good sleep for all the children.

Some guests only managed to come for a short time, however made sure to quickly book another weekend before they left.  We have had wonderful feedback and made some special friends as well.

The sheep (Cutlet and Rebecca) also enjoyed being free-range this holiday and a few guests were woken up by Baaa’ing at their window.  They have just discovered Sean’s new pinotage plants so have been sent back to the paddock.  Boldrick continues to visit his girlfriend across the valley so has not been present this season, however the chickens benefiting from all the leftover food and plenty of farm fresh eggs have been enjoyed this season.  Boldrick continues to be the favorite animal as he heads over each morning to visit each guest.

Thank you to all our visitors this season – we wish you a wonderful 2013 and look forward to many of you returning again!

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