Wine Times 5

After the mishap of Eddies gardener knocking our first 1000 litres of shiraz down the driveway, the 2012 Shiraz and Cabernet sauvignon progressed safely and happily through alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in the depths of Eddies garage.

By March we needed to clear the tanks for this year’s pickings so we got together around Eddies bar and  did some serious tastings and blending. We now had at our disposal our precious 220 litre barrel of oak matured 2011 Merlot and a stainless steel tank each of 2012 Shiraz and 2012 Cabernet sauvignon.

Our team of tasting ‘experts’ consisted of Eddie and Sylvana, Michael and Dorothee, Sean and Michelle and later to enter the scene, self-acclaimed wine buff Torben. We used a Nederberg Cab Reserve as our benchmark and started tasting our wines, each taster tasked with giving the wine a score between 0 and 10, with the Nederberg cab as our benchmark five.

We started off with our own rather rough and ready Cab which we all judged to come in at between 3 to 4,  but as the tasting progressed (and we tasted every possible blend permutation) our wines improved to the point that our magnificent Cab/Merlot/Shiraz blend was hitting 10.5’s – magnificent stuff, it was time to scale up, move out of the garage and build that winery!


The child labor corking team


Team hard at work bottling and corking

Fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks


All new “5 at a time” bottling machine


Pure sophistication (?)

Chief corker - Matthew must have bottled about 500 bottles that day!

Chief corker – Matthew must have bottled about 500 bottles that day!

Chief wine maker!

Chief wine maker! (….and taster) 😉



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