Witkrans Cottages open for bookings!

Witkrans Farm has recently added another cottage on the farm which will be open from beginning of October for bookings.  Personally I would prefer to move into this cottage myself!  The two front bedrooms look up the beautiful Flower Valley.  There are three rooms each with twin beds.  An open plan lounge and kitchen with a lounge suite much more comfortable than mine.  We are busy in the garden each day and it is starting to look stunning.  The cottage is surrounded by Cone Bushes, and so the cottage has been named Cone Bush Cottage.

The dams are overflowing and we are starting to enjoy the occasional sunny day on Witkrans with the boats on the dam.  The children’s favorite activity is paddling around the dam chasing the ducks with our Golden Retriever.  The vegetable garden is getting replanted after being closed towards the end of summer due to a lack of water.  The leaves of the Mulberry tree are sprouting and the jam jars are awaiting!  Witkrans wine is almost ready for bottling and the honey is almost ready for bottling.  Here’s to Spring arriving!!!!


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